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Because Our Children are the Heroes We Need

Our predatory relationship with our planet has led us to a dangerous place, and reminders of the decisions that led us to this point are all around us. Every day, we are bombarded with depressing and frightening stories about the creeping demise of our global environment -- and as grim as that is for adults, one can only imagine what it is like for those who were born so recently that they never had a chance to experience a healthier planet. 


Growing up in a world facing environmental catastrophe is an understandably painful and discouraging experience for our children. We have, in may ways, failed them. We have repeatedly sacrificed sustainability, environmental sanctity, and biodiversity for short-term gain. Who could blame our younger generations for feeling marginalized and undervalued given the state of the world that we are leaving them?


Casson Trenor staunchly believes that the youth of today have the power to correct the mistakes that we, our parents, and our grandparents made. As uncomfortable as crisis can be, it can also bring powerful clarity of purpose, illuminate pathways of work, and ignite personal passion. Indeed, Casson's own story is much the same: Witnessing the slow destruction of a beach he grew up on is what led him to become a professional ocean activist. 


As someone who focuses on youth outreach, Casson is passionate about presenting conservation in a simple and honest way. A youth activist must be understanding and compassionate, while still able to instill a sense of urgency and passion within our youth. Teaching the youth about sustainable practices must be entertaining, as well as educational and rewarding.

Casson frequently addresses youth groups and schoolrooms through presentations on ocean conservation, sustainability, and personal activism. He is always excited to discuss these topics with young people as they tend to have an innate understanding of right and wrong, and thus can easily see the inherent challenges associated with issues like overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change. Casson focuses on inspiring children at a young age by helping them connect with the challenges faced by our world, as well as with their own nascent potential to bring about great and positive change. 

Casson Trenor also offers in-person readings of Umijoo, his recent children’s book about ocean conservation, responsibility, and balance. Umijoo uses a combination of art and story to convey the important of our daily decisions and the impacts that our choices make on the world around us. By  educating young readers about actions they can take to keep our oceans healthy, we are helping to craft the leaders that we have been waiting for.


Teaching children conservation ethics at a young age is a powerful way to create environmental champions and to catalyze real change. With a strong youth movement leading us, we will no doubt all find ourselves marching together into a better world.

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