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Delicious Food that Protects Our Oceans

Casson Trenor is committed to doing his part to protect our oceans. He is also passionate about food and creating meals that people will love. Casson has combined these two focuses to create a new approach to sushi: a harmonious combination that protects the environment and satisfies our appetite for delicious cuisine at the same time. 

Since 2015, Casson has taken a fully plant-based approach to sushi. His vision is built on the principles of doing no harm, elevating our dining experiences, and moving through the world with a light footprint. This healthy and sustainable interpretation of sushi has a track record of glowing reviews, including multiple awards from esteemed critics. Vegan sushi tackles the problems of overfishing, animal cruelty, and environmental destruction head-on by providing a sustainable and delicious alternative.

Casson Trenor's team owns and operates multiple restaurants dedicated to vegan sushi and plant-based interpretations of other Japanese cuisine staples. Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar in San Francisco is consistently ranked as one of the top restaurants in the area. Not only is the vegan sushi created at Shizen delicious, but it is elegantly plated and presented, creating a comprehensive dining experience for all the senses. Since it opened in 2015, Shizen has consistently received prestigious awards, glowing reviews, and Michelin nods.

Casson and his team also own and operate Tane Vegan Sushi Bar in Honolulu, HI; and Chikyu Vegan Sushi Bar in Las Vegas, NV. These restaurants combine the plant-based approached pioneered at Shizen with specific ecological bounties available in these new locations. Tane uses fruit and other plants that grow well in Hawaii to add a tropical twist to the vegan sushi concept; Chikyu takes advantage of the culture and bounty of the desert to celebrate plant-based cuisine in a way that sparkles like the lights of Las Vegas.

Casson is passionate about this work and is always looking for a new way to make a difference through the promotion of innovative, delicious plant-based cuisine. He has consulted on plant-based sushi projects ranging from small mom-and-pop restaurants to major corporate initiatives and new category roll-outs. If you are interested in opening a vegan sushi restaurant, launching a plant-based food company, or  creating a new vegan sushi category within your food service operation, please get in touch!

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