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The Value of Children's Literature

Casson Trenor is passionate about helping young people become effective environmental activists. Subjects like environmentalism that speak directly to the heart are frequently the kind of messages that children understand more clearly than adults. That said, while the loving and caring nature of children help them to embrace environmentalism on an emotional level, it can be challenging to impart to youth the far-reaching and often unseen impacts of our daily decisions.

In order to address this challenge, Casson Trenor has written multiple books to help inspire the younger generation to embrace environmental causes. As a children's author, he is not only able to share a message that must be heard, but he is able to do so in an entertaining and captivating way. Casson’s most recent book, Umijoo, won the Nautilus Book Awards gold medal for its effectiveness in doing exactly this.

As an award-winning children's author, Casson Trenor is available for book readings at your school, retreat, or conference. Umijoo offers a captivating and enriching opportunity for children learn about the ocean, food, and the delicate balance between the two. Additionally, Casson is able to present these ideas in a fascinating and easy to understand format. Having a book reading by the author himself is the perfect way to not only keep children's attention on the story, but to also help children understand the impact they can have on creating a better world for tomorrow. 

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