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"Sometimes books are meant for the mind. Sometimes they are meant for the heart.
The best ones are meant for both."
There are many pathways to inspiration. Casson's fascination with the ocean was first sparked by a book he read when he was very young. It was a simple book, with lots of pictures and only a few words, but it kindled a fire that went on to illuminate a lifelong path. In fact, that book still sits on his office shelf today.
Casson is a strong believer in the power of art as catalyst of progress. In this spirit, he has written two very different books that are, somehow, about exactly the same thing. Both rely heavily on underwater imagery to connect readers with that same magic and mystery that have compelled Casson to fight for ocean protection throughout his life. 
Casson offers book readings at a wide variety of venues, including bookstores, restaurants, libraries, and schools. If you would like to schedule a reading, or if Casson could help you share your own artistic or literary message of ocean conservation with the world, please use the contact form.
Anchor: Umijoo
The Wondrous Tale of a Curious Girl and
Her Journey Under the Sea

Winner of the 2019 Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal, Casson's debut children's book is a mesmerizing story about love, food, and the ocean. Illustrated by pop surrealist painter Caia Koopman and crafted to resonate with readers of all ages, Umijoo aims to educate and inspire a new generation of ocean defenders through the harmony of art and story.

Umijoo was released in 2019 and has become one of the most popular titles at many well-known conservation, art, and science institutions, including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California Academy of Sciences, and Aquarium of the Pacific. 

Umijoo cover

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A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time

Casson's first book, Sustainable Sushiis the quintessential guide to responsible dining in the modern sushi industry. Upon its original release in 2009, Sustainable Sushi quickly became one of the primary tools of the burgeoning sustainable sushi movement as dozens of new chefs and restaurants around the United States came to rely on it for their sourcing and menu development.


Sustainable Sushi offers diners and chefs alike an easily digestible series of sustainability recommendations (based on groundbreaking science from the  Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program), as well as a detailed exploration of the many cultural intricacies that make sushi a unique and captivating art form. It profiles dozens of the most common fish and shellfish one might encounter at a sushi bar. It offers simple, clear explanations of such topics as mercury, PCB levels, overfishing, and species extinction. Attractively designed and featuring quick facts, photos, and illustrations, Sustainable Sushi offers guidance and engaging information for both the novice and the seasoned sushi fan.

Sustainable Sushi cover

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