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"Our relationship to the ocean and our relationship to food are inextricably linked.
In fact, for many of us, they're the same thing."
Casson has been working to promote ocean conservation in the restaurant sector for nearly fifteen years. His original work was focused on sustainable seafood, and he has since shifted to fully plant-based operations. His restaurants consistently receive critical acclaim for their high quality as well as their commitment to mindful, responsible dining.
Casson and his partners currently operate several award-winning restaurants around the country, and are in the process of opening additional locations. They additionally support other operators working in this space, and have helped to transform many existing restaurants and food service businesses into responsible and profitable operations.
The team is available to support others in this sector that are looking to create sustainable, ocean-friendly restaurants and food service companies. If you are interested, please reach out via the contact form.
Anchor: Shizen
San Francisco, CA

Casson and his partners opened Shizen in January 2015 as an experimental attempt to create fully plant-based sushi that delivered the artful, elegant, and delicious experience that the cuisine is known for. Shizen has gone on to become one of the most popular restaurants in San Francisco, earning numerous awards including four consecutive Michelin nods. 

"Shizen makes a stellar case for vegan sushi."

- San Francisco Chronicle

Anchor: Tane
Honolulu, HI

When Casson's long-time business partner Kin Lui left San Francisco for his hometown of Honolulu, it created an opportunity to double down on the lessons and experience the team had gained at Shizen. They opened Tane, a plant-based sushi bar with a Hawaiian twist, in February of 2019. Tane has gone on to accrue significant press, awards, and local acclaim. 

"Rather than trying to imitate fish, Tane simply highlights vegetables, fruits and nuts to create flavor and textural combinations — on rice — like you have never tasted before."

- Honolulu Star Advertiser

Anchor: Chikyu
Las Vegas, NV

John Le, the original sushi chef from Shizen, left San Francisco in 2017 with a mission: to bring the beauty and elegance of plant-based sushi to his new home in Nevada. Casson and John teamed up to create Chikyu, the newest member of the restaurant family, which takes the techniques from Shizen and raises them to an even higher level.

"We are excited to introduce our newest concept of mindful dining, ocean conservation, and delicious sushi to the fastest-growing city in the United States." - Casson Trenor

Anchor: Tataki
San Francisco, CA

Casson's first restaurant opened in February 2008 as the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the United States. The menu eschewed environmentally questionable ingredients in favor of novel, responsible items. Although Casson is no longer directly involved in Tataki, the restaurant continues to flourish through its dedication to responsible, high-quality cuisine.

"As Tataki shows, for sushi lovers, the first step to saving the oceans is to think about what goes onto your plate."

-- TIME Magazine, "Heroes of the Environment"


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