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Casson Trenor Author Speaker Ocean Activist

CASSON            TRENOR



Casson Trenor House of Respresentatives Award

Special Congressional Recognition

"Ocean Protection Hero"
For outstanding and invaluable service to the community

Casson Trenor Hero of the Environment Award

TIME Magazine:
Hero of the Environment

In acknowledgment of visionary leadership promoting sustainability and ocean conservation

Casson Trenor California Senate Award

California State Senatorial Recognition

In appreciation of dedicated work on ocean conservation issues in California, nationally, and around the world




Casson Trenor has spent his career in pursuit of a better world. His lifelong love affair with the ocean has taken him on any number of remarkable adventures, from chasing tuna pirates and blockading whaling ships to writing award-winning children's literature and opening critically acclaimed restaurants. His work has been featured in numerous documentaries, and his books are renowned among ocean enthusiasts and responsible dining devotees. 

Casson has crafted and delivered a wide variety of experiences for audiences around the world, both virtually and in person. Through stories of risk, adventure, and self-realization, Casson can help your team find the guiding star you need to successfully navigate your course.

Casson Trenor Author Speaker Ocean Activist


Through a strong portfolio of varied speaking and consulting engagements, Casson offers the kind of experience, passion, and perspective that can spark purpose and enrich organizational culture. Additionally, Casson is highly experienced with virtual presentations and can effectively provide many services remotely upon request.

Casson Trenor TED Public Speaker
Casson Trenor Beach Cleanup Workshop
Casson Trenor Tane Vegan Sushi Restaurant
Casson Trenor Sustainability Consultant

Casson has spoken at conferences, organizational summits, and corporate retreats around the world. His clients vary widely, ranging from multinational banks to local non-profits. His focus on kindling purpose through self-discovery and environmental commitment resonates with a wide variety of audiences, and is sure to bring an infusion of energy and passion to your organization.

Casson designs bespoke workshops that inspire leadership, build teams, and achieve organizational goals. These workshops range from at-sea expeditions and immersive beach clean-ups to  interactive leadership development sessions and sustainable sushi banquets. Casson combines personal stories, engaging motivational exercises, and customized, interactive activities to build bonds and leave a lasting positive impression on attendees.

Casson's restaurant team fuses innovative design, culinary excellence, and an ocean conservation ethic to create successful, cutting-edge restaurant concepts. They are eager to engage with new partners and associates who share this vision and who are looking to captain their own mission-driven restaurants, catering companies, or other food service operations.

If your organization would be best supported by a deeper, ongoing relationship, Casson is available for consulting and advisory services. He specializes in environmental campaign strategies, corporate sustainability platforms, and innovative food service concepts. If you are looking to engage in such a process, Casson can help your organization achieve a higher level of success.


"Casson is a visionary and an invaluable resource to the Middlebury community. His workshops are extremely popular, and he is guaranteed to be a great asset for any organization that he partners with."

Jason Scorse


Center for the Blue Economy

Middlebury University


"Casson is an inspiring speaker, writer, and leader. His dedication, creativity and effectiveness have made him an important contributor to the cause of ocean protection."

Julie Packard

Executive Director

Monterey Bay Aquarium


"Casson's engaging presentations are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, who consistently give Casson rave reviews. When Casson speaks, the listener is captivated and feels the transformative power of his passion."

Bernie Koth & Deb Niven


The Wynford Group

Anchor: Video
Casson Trenor at TEDxSF

Casson Trenor at TEDxSF

Casson Trenor Author and Activist: From saving the whales of the Antarctic to studying the salmon of Alaska, Casson Trenor has worked to support stewardship of our marine resources across the globe. Trenor has stalked the fetid warehouses of Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, spent two months journeying by ship through the icy waters of Antarctica, berthed on leaking wrecks off the African coast, and gone octopus fishing with holy men on the Island of Yap. In hundreds of conversations with fishermen around the world, he has heard one statement repeated time and time again: "The fish are gone." These four words led Trenor to realize that the oceans are in dire need of our help. Trenor is the author of Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time, a pocket guide designed to enable consumers concerned about environmental and health issues to dine with confidence at the sushi bar. In addition, Trenor writes articles for numerous other websites and publications, such as his monthly For the Oceans column at In an effort to bring sustainable sushi out of the conceptual realm and into the Amerian foodscape, Trenor founded the world's first sustainable sushi restaurant, San Francisco's Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar, in February 2008. He has also converted two "conventional" sushi bars -- Seattle's Mashiko and Miya's in New Haven, CT -- into sustainable sushi operations. In October 2010, Trenor opened Tataki South, a new venture that expands the concept of sustainable sushi as a fine dining experience; and in May 2011, Trenor co-founded Ki, the world's first sustainability-themed izakaya. Trenor holds the position of Senior Markets Campaigner with Greenpeace USA, where he spearheads the organization's efforts to hold restaurants and supermarkets accountable for their seafood sustainability practices and to help educate the public about the global fisheries crisis. He is a frequent commentator on sustainable seafood issues and has been featured in regional, national, and international media outlets, including CNN, NPR, Forbes, New York Times, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, Tampa Tribune, UTNE Reader, Hemispheres, Tokyo Weekender, Kochi Shimbun, and Edible San Francisco. Documentarist Mark Hall's 2011 award-winning film Sushi: The Global Catch focuses extensively on Trenor, glowingly showcasing his work within the sustainable sushi movement. Trenor is also a main character in Peter Heller's book, The Whale Warriors -- a factual account of the exploits of one small, rusty ship determined to take on the entire Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean in 2005-2006 event video by:


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