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Sustainability Consultant

  Keep Your Business Sustainable with A Sustainability Consultant

In today's world, just keeping a business afloat is a challenge. Not only do you have to worry about keeping your employees and customers happy, but you need to be concerned with the dollars and cents involved to have a profitable company. Couple this with a business that wants to remain sustainable, making environmentally friendly options, and you have more than a full time job on your hands. It can be difficult to juggle it all, while still being successful. Often, it feels like you have to choose one route or the other, with profit and sustainability at opposite ends of the spectrum. Passionate about sustainability, Casson Trenor is happy to offer his services to your business as a sustainability consultant. He is happy to take a look at your current practices in order to create a sustainable program and path for your company to follow. Even making small steps toward sustainability can have a large impact on your business practices and the world as a whole. Create a plan that can span several years to eventually have the most sustainable business and product available.

Casson Trenor's true passion is being an environmental activist. While this can take several forms, Casson Trenor's real arena that he likes to operate in is ocean and seafood sustainability. Realizing his passion at a young age, Casson was able to transform his love into something that can benefit and help others. Not only is he an environmental activist, actively working to protect and keep our oceans safe, but he works to share this passion with the rest of the world, so they too can one day realize their own potential and passion. Through his public speaking, motivational events, sustainability consultations, and even his restaurants, Casson Trenor is able to live and breath and act on sustainability through every aspect of his life.

To show his commitment and passion for his environmental activism, Casson Trenor has put together two of his passions into one conglomerate endeavor. With a passion for the ocean, and a love of food, Casson Trenor has created a sustainable sushi endeavor that is quickly captivating audiences around the world. Sustainable sushi is made of vegan matter, meaning that no animal products are used in the meal. While this is a complete turn around from traditional sushi options, the overall look, feel, and taste of the sustainable sushi is something to behold. Regularly rated as one of the top restaurants in San Francisco, Honolulu, and Las Vegas, Casson Trenor shows that it is entirely possible to be passionate and successful about an endeavor you care about. Trust the teachings and practices of Casson Trenor so he too can show you how to be passionate and successful in your own endeavors so that you can find something in life you truly love.

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